We only hire professionals that carry direct experience from world class enterprise technology corporations such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Google, SaS, Salesforce.com, HP, IBM, Linkedin, Cisco, and more.

Do you carry this direct experience? Are you motivated to be groomed at our level? Are you interested in being a part of eSeed's culture of innovation, passion, wisdom, and customer focus? Then send your resume and cover letter to careers@eseedcorp.com

When you roll a single seed in your hand you are holding years of stored information. And when you implement eSeed, you are initiating years of experience in demand generation for companies like Oracle, Microsoft and SAP. With the planting of experience, the watering of teamwork and the sunlight of sales management, your sustainable business and profitability will inevitably reveal itself.

Microsoft Partnership

Who is eSeed?

Think of us as your international outsourced demand generation hub for technology sales, catering to customers of all sizes and all industries.

What makes us different?

Our skilled professionals carry experience from world class sales organizations and Fortune 500 corporations, including Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Google, HP, Cisco, IBM, SAS, Salesforce.com and more.

eSeed is Your Technology Company's Centre of Excellence in Sales Performance

eSeed is a group of business development management consultants as well as a premium inside sales force for technology companies. To date, eSeed has driven more than $500 million in sales for our customers.

We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada, but have catered to customers all over the world. Think of us as your international outsourced demand generation hub for technology sales, catering to customers of all sizes and all industries.

Business Development Management, Demand Generation and Realization, and Consulting Sales and Marketing is our specialty. Our mission statement is simple: eSeed will help you build and grow a sustainable business that consistently accelerates the profitability of your sales.

Who Is eSeed

Grow Your Business by Growing the Business of Your Customers

What makes us different? Our skilled professionals carry experience from world class sales organizations and Fortune 500 corporations, including Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Google, HP, Cisco, IBM, SAS, Salesforce.com and more.

If you are a big company, we will increase your sales revenues, profits, customer satisfaction and competitive position. If you are a small company, we will generate new business by providing you with world class processes and people.

Through our continuous education in process, technology, tools and experience, our demand generation team can, in the long term, decrease your marketing investment by up to 25% and increase sales volume by as much as 150%.

To learn more about how eSeed can grow your sales performance, contact us today.

Through our extensive knowledge in ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE as well as our years of experience selling TECHNOLOGY, our consultants can perform the following duties for your technology company:

  • Target multiple INDUSTRIES & VERTICALS
  • Plan and deliver effective sales calls
  • Identify reasons to call in support of your products or services
  • Create rapport with your customers
  • Uncover sales opportunities
  • Build quality pipeline that leads to revenue
  • Position ourselves as a business advisor to your customers
  • Maximize up sell opportunities by positioning complete solutions
  • Manage your territories using appropriate tools and reports
  • Identify viable prospects
  • Engage the right resources at the right time
  • Understand the quoting process
  • Handle customer concerns and objectives
  • Handle internal issues
  • Write effectively for deal approval
  • Understand licensing metrics and pricing, when and how to obtain and offer discounts
  • Effectively communicate with and educate your customers throughout the sales process
  • Create and execute a close plan, working with both customer and internal resources
  • Create and implement an effective call and time management strategy that supports goal achievement

Enterprise Software

Are you a technology company looking to sell enterprise software? We can help you sell the following applications:

  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • HCM - Human Capital Management
  • Transportation Management and Logistics
  • Business Intelligence Applications and Analytics
  • EPM - Enterprise Performance Management
  • SCM - Supply Chain Management
  • Financials and Enterprise Performance Management
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting
  • Product Lifecycle Management


We can help you sell the following technologies:

  • Database - Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Sybase
  • Security - Identity Management, Database Security and Encryption
  • Hardware & Storage Management
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Systems Applications and Management
  • Data Integration and Data Warehousing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization
  • Software as a Service, PaaS, IaaS
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Servers and Processor Technology

Industies Verticals

Our consultants specialize in the following industries and verticals:

  • Midmarket Accounts
  • Strategic and Enterprise Accounts
  • Small and Emerging Markets
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Professional Services
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Public Sector (Municipalities, Provincial, Federal, Healthcare)
  • Insurance
  • High Technology
  • Retail
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Life Sciences

Sales Marketing

We apply the following world class sales techniques and selling systems:

  • John Costigan Sales Training
  • Executive Focused Selling by Executive Conversation
  • Sales Skills Foundation Training by Winning Inc. (Sandler Technique)
  • Soar Selling System (Surge of Accelerating Revenue)
  • Afterburner Concept - Accelerating performance through flawless execution
  • Net New Prospecting and Demand Generation
  • Sales Forecasting Management
  • Territory Strategic Planning and Business Plans
  • Value Proposition Resources
  • Mutual Beneficial Agreements with Customers
  • Strategic Advanced Decision Making
  • Business Problem Solving: Critical Thinking and Information Analysis,
  • Cross-Cultural Business Communication
  • Negotiation and Win-Win Results
  • Knowing the Customer, Procurement Process and Decision Makers
  • Campaign Planning
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Reporting Results
  • Pipeline Development and Management
  • Software Licensing
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) Achievement Plans

Our Experience

Your Single Source of Experienced Technology Consultants

Thousands of IT companies, new and existing, small and large, are partners (Bronze-Platinum, Value Added Resellers and Distributors) of large enterprise software and hardware companies (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and others). If you are one of these companies, you will need the guidance and expertise from people who have worked in the above mentioned corporations. eSeed is your single source of these experienced people.

Outsourcing overseas may lead to lack of security, appropriate communication and credibility. With eSeed, you will receive knowledgeable, customer friendly consultants who are dedicated to improving your metrics and contribution to revenue. Our business analysis and project management skills include:

  • The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
  • The Business Analysis Body of Knowledge
  • Data Modeling
  • Process Modeling
  • Use Cases
  • Business Case Writing
  • Systems Development Life Cycle
  • Software Requirements Specification
  • S/W Architecture Documentation
  • User Interface Documentation
  • Business Rules Documentation
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Management Reporting

To tap into a single valuable resource of highly experienced business development management consultants for your technology company, contact us today.

For a FREE quotation or general inquiries, please email us at info@eseedcorp.com or fill the form below and a friendly representative will contact you shortly.